The Art of Golf is learning to do nothing
Golf with Mehlhorn
Ben Hogan said he learned the benefits of the waggle, a fundamental, from Johnny Revolta and he credited "Wild Bill" Mehlhorn as his guide to analyzing the components and action in the golf swing. 
How the book got started by Bobby Shave
This book was put together as I realized the importance of saving for posterity the seemingly unlimited knowledge of Mr. Mehlhorn concerning golf, its play and its history.

Bill was audio taped with a question and answer format for 15 hours. The tapes were transcribed and a few changes were made for clarity, the book was published in 1984. There have been two additional printings since 1984. The last printing in 2001 includes some additional items."
Mr Mehlhorn and Myself
Mr. Mehlhorn and myself have had a unique relationship since the 1960's. I first saw Bill play in the PGA Seniors in the 1950's.

My father was playing also, so I went down over a weekend while a student at Florida State in Tallahassee, the senior in those years as played in Dunedin, Florida. Dad introduced me to Bill and we chatted briefly.

In later years in the early 1960's Bill asked me to play nine holes with him at the Bayshore Golf Club on Miami Beach where he taught. He had played with my grandfather many years ago when grandpa was green superintendent at the Oakland Hills Golf Club in Detroit. He had played some tour events with my father in the 1930's and wanted to play with a third generation Shave. I was playing the PGA TOUR at the time. We went out for nine holes. He told me where every ball would start and would finish, he was flawless. I was awe struck. Never had I seen anyone come close to hitting the ball with the length and accuracy which he displayed. He was 66 at the time and I said to myself, he's the best in the world right now from tee to green, he was awful on the green. The first hole he put the ball 8 feet from the hole, it was an ordinary flat green, he had a 10 foot putt for his second putt. It made you sick to watch him putt.

Bill had a photographic mind and the book contains 100 pages of the history of old timers where he brings alive the players and times of early tournament golf.

I have had people tell me they have worn out pages re-reading this book. Many golf pros and others have told me this is the best golf book they have ever read.
  PGA- Professional Golfers Association of America
Four DVDs come with the book. It contains:

- Bill's concepts and exercises explained in video form.
- Bill's seminars given in the mid 70'.
- The second seminar is redone for clarity and a great many action videos of Mehlhorn and other old timers.
- Grasswhip video is included which has additional concepts.

"Bill Mehlhorn's book Golf Secrets Exposed was the best golf book I've ever read. It was refreshing to hear some common sense."
Max Elbin head professional Burningtree Country Club, Bethesda , MD and former P.G.A. president.
Golf Secrets Exposed by Bill Mehlhorn with Bobby Shave
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