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Golf with Mehlhorn
The Grass Whip
In talking golf and mentioning a grass whip, you might get. What in the world is a grass whip and what could that have to do with hitting a golf ball? Well... According to Bill Mehlhorn it is the best teacher you can have for both your long game and your short game.

As a boy back in the 1950's I used a golfers grass whip made by True Temper. I thought it was a great way to gain strength to hit a golf ball, after all the two swings looked identical. I would wade in to a patch of high grass near my house and wear myself out cutting that grass. The real bonus, and I didn't realize until years latter that I was automatically teaching myself timing between arms and legs, teaching an absolutely perfect direct line ( swing plane ) also, a perfect release both directions and eliminating any wrist action and replacing it with a natural free forearm rotation. The best thing of all is that it is all done with out one thought of how any part of the anatomy is moving, Wow! you mean you don't have to think of all those nutty things that only work for one day and when you wake up the next day their gone?

With a grass whip action there is a comfort and ease of timing that gives you both grace and balance with the speed that flexibility brings.

Two of Wild Bills favorite sayings: "Accuracy is nothing but naturalness and judgment and any tension in any muscle or any joint retards you the utmost in speed and control." He would then hold up his left hand wiggling the little finger and say "and that includes the little pinky." (Here he is referring to the way golf is erroneously taught squeezing the club with the back part of the left hand) Right hand player.

Mehlhorn was not only judged by his peers as the finest striker of the ball but also as a great teacher. He made legends out of players no one had ever heard of before.

In the 20 years I watched Bill, he would many times, both for the beginner and the best players tee up half a dozen balls at a time and hit them walking in exactly the same manner as cutting grass with a grass whip. He would tell every one now don't hit these balls with your golf swing use your grass whip swing. Learn to hit the ball with your grass whip swing. Everyone, of course, would start out hitting them with their golf swing, slow back and fast down and through. No, no Bill would say you cut the same amount of grass in both directions. Same speed back and forward. He would tee up half dozen balls 4 or 5 inches apart. If the student didn't get it right away he'd have them hit the empty tees walking until they got it. Bill had unbelievable patience. He would help people with their short game the same way. He would line up the same half a dozen balls 4 or 5 inches apart near the green and have them hit them walking with a short grass whip action. He would always make them watch the short flight of the ball as it was struck. He'd say watch that flight. Now when you have a chip or pitch to play just see that flight. Take a couple of grass whip actions to approximate that flight and walk up and nonchalantly play the shot with that flight in mind. Incidentally, while we are on the subject of the short game, Bill would always suggest putting the ball around the green when ever you can, but use your chipping stroke not your putting stroke.

On Pages 61 and 62 of Mehlhorn's Golf Secrets Exposed Bill says this about the grass whip.

Q: What are some of the exercises that you can use to gain timing between your arms and legs?
Bills answer:" very very simple. You learn to take the golf club and cut grass for the distance that you're going to move that ball, but walk forward, not sideways, but forward. Now be sure you cut grass in both directions, not just one. That doesn't mean you're going to take a divot. That doesn't mean you're going to hit down at it, but you're going to cut grass. Now I've been saying this for years. In fact I started to write a book on this. And most of the book was on cutting grass with a grass whip, not a golf club. Well you can believe this or not, True Temper finally came out with what they called the golfer's grass whip, stealing some of my thunder. They put a regular golf shaft and golf grip on it, where most of the grass whips have a small steel rod that goes to the blade and a wooden handle. Believe it or not they came out with this and it sold for $5.00 and you could get them in any drug store. Everyone of my pupils bought one and they said, "I don't need you anymore." It taught them so much timing, no matter how they swung at the ball the results were good. I'm still going to say this and I'm always going to say it, golf can't be as hard as they make it to be. ... and it isn't hard because I have had people, the worst kind of duffer that couldn't shoot a 100 and have real bad swings, learn to do tricks with that golf ball."
Mehlhorn's Grass Whip
Ben Hogan said he learned the benefits of the waggle, a fundamental, from Johnny Revolta and he credited "Wild Bill" Mehlhorn as his guide to analyzing the components and action in the golf swing.


Bob Murphy "I owe Mehlhorn a steak dinner. I had played poorly for a few months in a row then last week I received Mehlhorn's book and after reading it finished 2nd in the Colonial. Tell Bill thanks it got my game turned around."
Golf Secrets Exposed by Bill Mehlhorn with Bobby Shave
During the seven years playing the P.G.A. tour I had the occasion to play with Gene Littler, several times. Gene the machine was what they called him. He had a smooth effortless swing.

Before he played any shot he would take two grass whip swings and finish the last swing in a full-relaxed finish with the left eye high.

He'd waste no time, walk up to the ball and play his shot. I can only assume that he pictured the flight and reacted to that picture.

That is by far the easiest and most effective way to play golf. A couple of grass whip swings finishing with the left eye high, waste no time, picture the flight and enjoy. Never a thought about how you move any part of your anatomy.

A few years ago I called the True Temper Co, to see if they were still making the Golfers Grass Whip. It had a serrated two bladed cutting edge had a true temper golf shaft and a rubber slip on golf grip. The answer was that since the advent of the common string weed eater they stopped production. You can still find old grass whips at flea markets, garage sales etc. The ones they sell in Home Depot or Lowes and other hardware stores have a big wooden handle, a solid steel rod for a shaft and the effective serrated two bladed cutting edge.

There was a need, I felt, for the old golfers grass whip. Mehlhorn thought it was the best exercise you could do for golf. So we now have a Mehlhorn grass whip, thanks to Wild Bill. It is not only attractive, but also balanced with the precision of a top golf club. It comes with an aldila shaft, the best in graphite shafts and a great Golf Pride grip.

We suggest whether you buy the Mehlhorn grass whip or what ever grass whip you can get your hands on, don't miss the opportunity to let it work its magic on you and enjoy creating a new golf game with ease comfort and style.
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