The Art of Golf is learning to do nothing
Golf with Mehlhorn
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He will talk to you about Mehlhorn, the book and the content of the 4 dvd's and little about your game. Here's a quote from p.62:
Mehlhorn is talking about the grasswhip "I have people, the worst kind of duffer that couldn't shoot a 100 and have real bad swings learn to do a lot of tricks with that golf ball. Everybody has muscular control."
Mehlhorn was very careful with his language and spoke self evident truths that everyone could understand. He is a treat and is an adventure for a life time.
  PGA- Professional Golfers Association of America
"The best I ever saw from tee to green was Bill Mehlhorn"
Ben Hogan, Golf Magazine January, 1975


Tommy Armour himself is probably one of the most perfect iron players ever to pick up a club; or perhaps, was such in his heyday. And the best man from tee to green? Tommy said there is one. "Wild Bill Mehlhorn," said the silver haired Scot. "From that tee to the green he was perfection. Put him on the greens and he went haywire. Just couldn't putt".
Golf Secrets Exposed by Bill Mehlhorn with Bobby Shave
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