The Art of Golf is learning to do nothing
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The art of golf is learning to do nothing but picture the flight or roll of the ball, and then as Nike says - just do it.

I can hear Mr. Mehlhorn saying "whether you are young or old, thin or fat, whether you move fast or slow if you walk, run, dance, or swim, whether you throw a ball or hit one. Whether you swing an ax or cut grass with a grasswhip you never think of how you move any part of your anatomy. Why should golf be any different." Bill played that way and taught others to play that way. He was judged by his contemporaries as the finest hitter they had ever seen.

We bring some of those ideas and invite you to view a video on this website called "Quick Secrets" which will give a snap shot into the pure brilliance of Mehlhorn.
Our mission
Is to bring the insights and perspectives of Mehlhorn to all golfers who have the interest and desire to reach out and acquire for themselves these self evident, verifiable truths which Mr. Mehlhorn brought to us all.
Golf with Mehlhorn is our way to bring to the golfing world the wonderful legacy of Mr. Bill Mehlhorn and his unique perspective of using natural movement and the use of the subconscious mind to teach ourselves to hit a golf ball. His analytical capacity brings great insights in the play of the game not found anywhere. Bill had a photographic mind and memory beyond belief thus brings alive for all to enjoy the history of golf from the early 1900's almost to the end of the century.
Hello, my name is Bobby Shave, a PGA professional in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I was lucky enough to spend over 20 years with Bill Mehlhorn and I want to bring Mehlhorn to the world of golf.

Mehlhorn was a fantastic shotmaker, a great teacher and to boot was the longest hitter of his day. Mr. Mehlhorn won more than 47 tournaments in his 10 year playing career and competed on the first Ryder Cup team in 1927.  He was a gallery fovorite because of his uncanny accuracy.

Mehlhorn taught by associating the golf swing with other things we do in life that require movement of our arms and legs, like throwing a ball or hitting one, swinging an ax or a sledgehammer, beating a rug (hanging on a line) skipping a rock across the water, cutting grass with a grass whip, etc.

The things you will learn you already know and they will become your ideas, and the basis for an adventure of a life time as you learn by doing. Bill just analyzed and verbalized the concepts. He showed us the way so to speak. You will go through those movements and feel the things Mehlhorn explains. They are all self-evident and verifiable and the best thing is they are easy to do and understand. You will be able to teach yourself and others just like he did. His quote on page 62 of his book "golf can't be as hard as they make it to be". It isn't, find out and call me anytime and we'll talk about this great game.
  PGA- Professional Golfers Association of America
"The best I ever saw from tee to green was Bill Mehlhorn"
Ben Hogan, Golf Magazine January, 1975


Tommy Armour himself is probably one of the most perfect iron players ever to pick up a club; or perhaps, was such in his heyday. And the best man from tee to green? Tommy said there is one. "Wild Bill Mehlhorn," said the silver haired Scot. "From that tee to the green he was perfection. Put him on the greens and he went haywire. Just couldn't putt".
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